Phoenix Contruction Mentioned in Local Leaders Newsletter

Local Leaders recently profiled Phoenix Construction and the open house held at Bell Tower Place. Phoenix Construction was responsible for Bell Tower Place's million dollar renovation.

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WBZ News Covers Phoenix Construction & the Bell Tower Place - Watertown, Massachusetts

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Phoenix Construction Group's Dani Chedid Interviewed on

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Phoenix Construction Group Awarded Certificate of No Complaints

As of March 18, 2008, Phoenix Construction Group, Inc. has not received a single customer complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the last 36 months.  Kevin J Sanders, President and CEO of The Better Business Bureau awarded Phoenix Construction Group the "Certificate of No Complaints". 

BBB is an unbiased organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior.  Established in 1912, BBB continues to serve communities throughout the United States and Canada.  Currently, BBB evaluates and monitors over three million local and national businesses and charities.

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Students Tour Construction Site of Bell Tower Place Construction

WATERTOWN, MA –  As part of a school careers program, students from the St. Stevens Armenian School in Watertown, MA visited the construction site of Bell Tower Place, a nine-unit condominium development on the corner of School and Mt. Auburn Streets in Watertown. Karnig Ostayn, co-founder and principal of Phoenix Construction Group, the Watertown remodeling and restoration company building the high-end residences, guided the students on a tour of the site.

Bell Tower Place is the conversion of Saint Theresa’s Church, which was closed by the Boston Archdiocese in 1997. Phoenix Construction Group has painstakingly sought to preserve the historical and architectural value of the church, reusing all the German wood it contained and completely restoring its wooden doors, windows, archways and other openings to their original beauty.

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