About Phoenix

Premium Remodeling and Restoration Services

Phoenix Construction Group Inc. (PCGI), incorporated in 2003, was founded by a team of building professionals with industry experience dating to 1993. Based in Watertown, MA and serving the Boston and Metrowest areas in Massachusetts, Phoenix Construction was formed to address the building needs of residential and commercial redevelopment projects by providing premium remodeling and restoration services, as well as expert advice on architecture, design and construction.

Phoenix Construction’s principals and founders bring knowledge and credentials in engineering, design, and real estate, along with extensive experience in the construction business. Their primary focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction by committing to a superior standard of service during every aspect of its construction projects.

Broad Range of Projects

Phoenix Construction performs projects of any size — from a bathroom remodel to a high-end, multi-million dollar renovation. Typical jobs include additions, custom homes, custom rooms, new construction, and whole-house remodels.

Since it was founded, Phoenix Construction’s projects have ranged from redeveloping a church into multi-unit condominiums to building up to 7,000 square foot custom homes. Geographically, the company’s jobs have extended from exclusive neighborhoods in Boston to surrounding suburbs such as Cambridge, Somerville, Watertown, Belmont, Arlington, Newton and Lexington.

Project Management From A to Z

Phoenix Construction can manage your remodeling or restoration project from beginning to end, handling all details from A to Z. For the busy property owner who is unable to devote the necessary time to supervising their project, Phoenix Construction is uniquely a “turnkey solution.” Our principals serve as the construction managers and are on the job site every day to monitor progress and locate and resolve any issues so the job continues uninterrupted.

We can work with local government or the historical commission to obtain the required approvals; because we are engineers, we know what information and materials to prepare to expedite the permit process. When the project is complete, we professionally clean the entire premises and make sure that every detail has been addressed. We know you are particular about the work performed on your property and take that into account as we attend to the finishing touches.

Up-Close Attention With Every Facet of Your Project

To quote the 20th century French architect, Le Corbusier, “God is in the details.” We construct additions so they appear to be a natural part of the house. Whether you are looking at the interior or exterior of the addition, you won’t find any sign it’s not original. We also build custom specialty rooms for many of our clients, such as media rooms, gyms, and cigar rooms with special ventilation.

We also restore historic buildings with an understanding of how to preserve their original details and finishes or return them to their original appearance. We have access to vast remodeling and restoration resources for ensuring older buildings are maintained in their historic style and colors.

To provide our clients with comprehensive construction capabilities, all our projects are design-build. We contract with one or more of the several architects with whom we have relationships to ensure not only a well-constructed dwelling, but timely and cost-effective project execution and completion.

We have the knowledge and expertise to advise our clients on the architecture and interior design of their properties, so we do not need to coordinate numerous specialists on the project. Our creative design expertise brings added value to our clients’ homes.

Why Choose Phoenix Construction?

  • We communicate with you regularly and at every step of your project.
  • We ensure we have properly set your expectations so there are no misunderstandings.
  • We are determined to reverse the perception that general contractors are unprofessional and unreliable.
  • We are up-to-date on what’s going in the industry. Because we are developers as well as builders, we conduct a great deal of speculation and know what designs and types of construction are current and marketable.
  • We have mastered the art of estimating and guarantee that there will be no additional or hidden costs with your project.
  • We stand by the work performed by all of our team members; we will be accountable for any issues that may arise during the project or post-construction.
  • We are engineers, possessing degrees from top engineering schools, and we are licensed real estate agents.
  • We employ a well-coordinated team of professional and talented craftsmen who have been working together for several years.
  • Our sub-contractors are among the best in the industry, possessing vast experience with high-end projects. They are committed to providing excellent workmanship as much as we are.

Meet The Phoenix Team