Working with Phoenix Construction Group

Phoenix Construction Group is dedicated to ensuring the process of working with us is uncomplicated and your experience with having us on your property and executing your project is completely stress-free.

We can manage your remodeling or restoration project from beginning to end, but before we start working with you, we make sure we are the right fit for you and your project. Once you have hired us, you will find there is a unique process and set of practices we follow:

  • Our first step is to decide on the construction specifications and design. If you already have a design, we will conduct a design review with you.
  • We maintain check lists of all the materials we will need and the tasks we will need to perform to complete the project. We do our best to not overwhelm you by ensuring we stay on top of every detail.
  • We draft a construction plan that takes into consideration the permitting process and long-lead items, then we develop a construction schedule based on that plan.
  • We review this schedule with you regularly, keeping you in the loop as we move from one phase of the project to the next.
  • We notify you whenever a change is needed, a decision is required or a milestone has been reached.
  • We employ the “Lead Carpenter” system, which means you have someone on your property each day to supervise the construction team and maintain regular communications with you.
  • When your project is near completion, we wrap it up by doing the following:
    • Working with you to develop the punch list and creating a schedule to complete all outstanding tasks.
    • Walking you through the property and demonstrating how to use new equipment and materials.
    • Providing you with an “Owner’s Manual” containing the user manuals of all the new equipment installed.
    • Professionally cleaning the entire premises and making sure that every aspect of your project has been completed to your satisfaction.
    • We stand by the work performed by all of our team members and will address any post-construction issues that may arise.
    • As required by law, we provide a one-year warranty on all our workmanship.