Phoenix Private Group


Phoenix Private Group (PPG) is a privately held investment group that was formed to help build local wealth for high net worth investors. Our investment philosophy has always been to generate superior value to the community while benefiting the investor with returns above the typical investment tools currently available.


PPG provides unique investment insight, aligning our interests with those of our investors by treating each investor's capital as our own. In particular, we work on international projects in frontier markets. PPG also invests in a variety of industries and countries that we identify have the potential to create superior absolute returns.




Our Investments


Our objective is to assist clients in growing their wealth over time primarily through real estate projects. We differentiate ourselves by offering each client a set of investment opportunities that would work best for their unique portfolio.


PPG has identified and cultivated markets that have growth potential despite today’s volatile economic climate. PPG has created a deal making environment between land owners and our investors. Currently, PPG is providing ultra-high net worth individuals and families around the globe with opportunities, solutions, and other support services.





Contact Us


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