Our Services

Construction, Remodeling & Restoration Services

Phoenix Construction Group provides premium construction, remodeling and restoration services to residents and commercial establishments throughout the Boston and Metrowest areas in Massachusetts. Our background and depth of knowledge in engineering, design and real estate enables us to also advise our clients on architecture, exterior and interior design, and all other aspects of construction.

As part of our focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to serving as a “turnkey solution,” we assemble a complete team of design and construction professionals who will meet all your project’s needs. You won’t have to worry about anything but the random action items we might give you during the course of your project. Working with Phoenix Construction Group, you have the peace of mind that you are engaging with a team of talented professionals who are committed to providing the finest service and exceeding your expectations.

Our Services

Phoenix Construction performs a broad range of projects — from bathroom and kitchen remodels to custom additions to historical renovations. We also build and improve entire homes and facilities, providing complete design, construction and landscaping capabilities. Our specialty is major home improvements that require high-quality design expertise.

Our services fall into the following categories: