To Dani,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful job that your company, Phoenix Construction, did in fixing the problems we were having in our home. 

From our first phone call with your company, you were timely, knowledgeable, and available. A true pleasure to work with. You were able to offer us different options for solving our problem and explain to us what each entailed. Your sub-contractors were of the highest caliber as well. They were clear as to what should be done and how to do it and all of them were fastidious in keeping our home clean while doing quite a messy job.

We are so happy that we forged a new relationship with you both so as work comes up in the future, we will have a dependable and competent company to call and to recommend to our friends and family. Thanks again.

Cambridge - Brattle Street Residence

I bought and old house last summer and had Phoenix gut and redo the entire house. They redid the kitchen, 3 baths, all new floors, electrical, interior and exterior painting and reside the entire house. It was a massive project. I was very pleased with the work's quality and professionalism of Dani Chedid & his team. We were having a baby and though the scope of the project grew in size Dani was able to get us in for the baby and was very accommodating to our time demands.

I would say the most impressive part of Phoenix was their ability to deal with any and all issues. Half way through the project the siding of our old colonial was found to be rotted and yet Dani was able to get a crew to reside the entire house and still deliver on time. His finished carpentry, tile crews and painters were most impressive. I have had Dani come back and replace windows & re-do our deck - these are probably smaller jobs for a company that does the work he does but he is always accommodating out of respect of our initial business. Any issues I ever had he always fix/redid to my total satisfaction.

On my original project I took multiple bids, which was time consuming. Phoenix was probably in the middle of the bids on the cost side but they were the most detailed, organized bid. There was plenty of clarity on the original proposal and any change orders were put in writing. I always knew where my costs were and Dani explained multiple cost/quality options for any projects or decisions. He's extremely honest and fair and I think above all I found this to be the greatest asset. As I'm sure you are finding any project of size is time consuming and frustrating so the fact that I could always get Dani immediately on the phone was invaluable. I had a good experience and am actually bugging Dani to come re-finish my basement; I would be happy to get you any further info if it would be of use.

Jamaica Plain - Single Family

Dani Chedid and his team at Phoenix Construction Group Inc. (PCGI) deserve the highest praise for the work they completed in my condominium. As a single woman with a demanding full-time job, the most important thing to me was to have the work done right with minimal disruption and delay. I could not have been happier with the results PCGI delivered.

Over the course of two years, PCGI converted my second-floor condo from oil heat to gas heat, renovated my one and only bathroom, and built me a new kitchen. Although my jobs were small compared to some of PCGI’s other work, PCGI treated me like I was their most important customer each time I called upon them. They were extremely responsive to my needs, provided me with great advice, and put a great deal of thought into the planning of each project. Once PCGI started a project in my home, they worked to complete it as expeditiously as possible. I never felt there were unnecessary delays and was impressed with the scheduling of subcontractors to avoid downtime.

With older homes, like mine, the only thing that can be predicted with 100% certainty is that there will be problems. But when Dani and his crew were on the scene, I did not worry about the problems. Dani kept me well-informed about the progress and what problems were encountered. But most importantly, he presented me with the solution to the problem. As a result, I never worried about how the job would be completed because I knew the professionals with PCGI would figure it out. They never disappointed me. During the renovation of my kitchen, I even left the country for a vacation with the peace of mind of knowing that my project would continue to move forward even though I was out of cell phone range. And whenever I left an aesthetic decision to PCGI’s judgment to do what they thought would work best, I loved the results! There is no substitute for the wealth of experience and expertise they can bring to any project.

In addition to being the utmost professionals who care about the quality of their work, everyone connected with PCGI was pleasant and polite. They were wonderful people to have working in my home. I would not trust my money, my home or my peace of mind to anyone else.

Watertown - Condominium

This letter is a testimonial to the exceptional work performed for our family by Phoenix Construction Group (PCG) in the summer/fall of 2006.

Our home in Lexington was somewhat dated and needed a variety of updates and improvements so we "shopped around" and decided on PCG to perform the services needed. Hindsight is of course 20/20 but fortunately for us hindsight is crystal clear and we could not be happier with the work done by PCG for us.

Beginning with the complete remodeling of our kitchen which was amazingly organized and completed within a few months (not several as I hear from others who have worked with other contractors) and the work itself was done impeccably as specifically detailed by us. In those few instances when we changed our minds about work to be done or fine tunings we believed were necessary we happily discovered that our wishes were validated and completed in short fashion.

We were so pleased with the work of PCG with our kitchen that we took the plunge and have since asked PCG to replace all the windows in our home, replace the gutters, update some plumbing and replace the roofing on the house. Clearly, if we were not completely satisfied and amazed with the work done for us by PCG we would never have kept adding to the "to do" list on our home. And as everyone knows, when you own a home the list never ends.

Lastly, we were most surprised (happily) with the responsiveness of Dani Chedid and the subcontractors who worked with us on the many many jobs which were done on our property. It felt like Dani was at our home on a daily basis to make certain the work was being completed in a timely and professional manner, to our liking. That, in and of itself was the most gratifying and one of the biggest reasons we sing the praises of PCG to all who would like to listen.

In an age and time where it is almost impossible to find people to do work as wished and promised, it was truly refreshing to have discovered the PCG. They stand by their work and for that we are grateful.

Lexington - Single Family

We have been Phoenix Customers since 2002, when we bought our first home, a townhouse unit that Phoenix renovated. We had been searching for 9 months and when we happened upon the unit on its first open house, we were very impressed by the workmanship evident in all corners of the property.

Having been used to the standard of our first home, we again reached out to Phoenix when we were ready to embark on the first renovation project in our second home, an old 1915 colonial. Aside from the quality that is to us a hallmark of theirs, we have been further impressed by the customer service, thoughtfulness and flexibility they have shown throughout our transaction. Most important to us was how they collaborated with sub-contractors and suppliers involved, ensuring quality every step of the way. Phoenix worked closely with us from design to finish, and helped educate us of our options in this custom job.

We would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who wants only the best for their house projects!

Newton - Single Family